Reversible Ratchet Socket Wrench

Reversible Ratchet Socket Wrench

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We are a highly acclaimed name to offer best quality Reversible Ratchet Socket Wrench that is known for its fine finish. Reversible ratchet socket wrench also called as construction ratchet & scaffolding spanner. It works with two different sizes of heads & rat tail handle.

Prod No 261A 261B 261C 261D 261E 261F 261G 261H 261I 261J 261K 261L 261M 261N 2610 261P 261Q
Size mm 10x12 10x13 13x17 14x15 14x17 17x19 17x21 17X22 19x21 21x23 22x27 21X27 24X27 27X30 27X32 30X32 32X36
Size inch 3/8X15/32 3/8X1/2 1/2X11/16 9/16X19/32 9/16X11/16 11/16X3/4 11/6X13/16 11/16X7/8 3/4X13/16 13/16X29/32 7/8X15/16 13/16X11/16 15/16X11/16 11/16X1.3/16 1.1/16X1.1/4 1.3/16XX1.1/1/4 1.1/4x1.7/16
Wt Kgs 0.23 0.34 0.34 0.34
0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.63 0/63 0.63 0.63 0.96 0.96 0.96 1.44